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The Alex Jones Show 201304-25 Thursday - Gerald Celente

Alex continues his coverage of the Boston false flag event on this Thursday, April 25 edition of the Alex Jones Show. He runs down the CIA connections to the terror bombing and the mounting corporate media lies designed to divert attention and cover-up the truth as the establishment pushes its Muslim terror narrative. On today's show, Alex welcomes back trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant and author Gerald Celente who weighs in on the Boston false flag. Alex also takes your calls on today's worldwide broadcast.


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Earthman Weed Eating The Land PLOTTPALMTREES.COM

YAY! This Was Great! The Final Exam IS COMPLETELY FINISHED! And I Later Got To Weedeat The Land And Mow TOO!!! THEN I Didn't Have To Go To My Meeting Tonight...THIS WAS A PERFECT DAY, That Was Well Overdue And Quite Overlooked As Well..

Experience The Tree Of Life PLOTTPALMTREES.COM

STARTS OFF With The Plott Palm Trees Girl Of The Month For October 2011. 

Goes Into Details About The Tree Of Life Palm Tree. 

Then Ends With A Price List For This Palm Tree That Will Have Heads Turning And People Asking "CAN PALM TREES REALLY GROW HERE?" 
Bet You Didn't Know That Palm Trees Grew In The Midwest In Tropical Missouri. We Sell To All 50 STATES And We Can Let You Know What Type Of Selection Of Exotics Will Work In Your Climate And At The Best Prices In The Industry ~ALOHA!


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Eric Plott@PlottPalmTrees 


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You Can't Grow Wrong At PlottPalmTrees.Com

One On ONE With Earth Man Eric & Summer Update 2011 MOVIE PLOTTPALMTREES...

Celestial Dreams Do Come True & Anything Is Possible With God...ALOHA! Okay, I Felt Like Giving Back A Little Bit & Sharing With You All Who I Consider Friends & Some Family. I Must Say It Has Been A Journey And I Feel As Though Everyone In This Group Has Felt The Bumps And Turns Of Things Going On Right Along With Me. I MUST Let You Know That I Respect Each Person Here & I Love The Information I Have Learned In Just Over A Year Of Being With You All. I Have Made A *SPECIAL Movie With You All In It - You Are All In The Credits And If I Forget Somebody I do Apologize, Because Each Person Has Contributed In Some Way. In This Video You Will See My Daily Operations, All The Plants/ Palms That Make It In My Climate (MO Z5b-6a), You Will Hear My Explanation To WHY I NAME THE PLANTS/PALMS DIFFERENT NAMES THAN YOU WOULD SEE ELSEWHERE, You Will Hear My Ideas Of The Future Of Tropical Missouri, And Most Importantly You Will Get To Know Who I Am A Little Better. ALL This In High Def. I Really Do Hope You Enjoy This, Especially As A LOT Of Truths Come Out And You Can See What I Am Doing Is Not About The Money, I Do Genuinely Love What I Am Doing, I Would Not Put Together A Hour Movie About What I Am Doing In My Life, If I Did Not Love What I Was Doing...I Love Life And I Believe It Loves Me Back.

Thank You For Checking This Out Here Are Some Pics From The Movie Or Highlight Plants That Are In The Movie. I Appreciate You All This One Is For You And Everything You Are About To See In One Shape Or Form Was Thought Out By You Inspiring Me To Do This. Thank You Again.

*The Movie Is Called, "One On One With Earth Man Eric "
~God Bless ~

Earth Man Eric

One On ONE With Earth Man Eric & The Summer Update Of 2011Movie PLOTTPALMTREES.COM


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