Sunday, January 27, 2013

HELP US, AND WE WILL HELP YOU! Make A Dream Come True!

Our Goal At Tropical Missouri Experimentation Since Day One Has Been To Bring A Taste Of The Tropics To The Midwest, Not Only For Our Own Enjoyment, But ALL THE COLDER CLIMATES! See, If We Can Do It, SO CAN YOU! We Live In Missouri Which Is A Zone 6A. That Means It GETS REALLY CHILLY IN THE WINTER! But See We Are On Our Third Year Of Overwintering The MOST COLD Tolerant, Resistant-Hardy Palm Trees In The World! Yep, And After This Third Year, That Will Mean They Are Established And Will Have A Easier Time Taking On The Vicious Cold Weather In The Midwest. We Now Are Much More Confident Than This Video From KOMU Channel 8. We Want To Expand The Dream, Help Us, HELP YOU, Make A Dream Come True! How So? Well, If We Can Meet Our GOAL AMOUNT OF 5000 Dollars We Can Build Up MORE STRONG PALM TREE VARIETIES And Aclimate Them For OTHER COLD CLIMATES! And You Get 5x FIVE FOOT PALM TREES IF YOU DONATE 1000 DOLLARS OR MORE (6000 Dollar Value)! If You Donate 500-999 Dollars You Get 3 Palm Trees Of Different Varieties (Value Of At Least 3000 Dollars). If You Donate 100 Dollars To The Tropical Missouri Experimentation You Can Get 1 Palm Tree Of Your Choosing. Any Other Donations Are Welcomed And Will Receive Some Kind Of Reward When It Is All Said And Done! You Can't Grow Wrong At PlottPalmTrees.Com! 
Thank You So Much, You ARE TROPICAL MISSOURI! We Couldn't Do This Without Your Support! How Cool Would It Be To Bring Palm Trees To Colder Environments That Usually Would Not Have The Exotic Flavor? Enhance Your Landscape With Something That Reflects A Sway Of Relaxation In Your Neighborhood, City, Or Even Apartment area! Go Green With A Cold Hardy Palm Tree From PlottPalmTrees! 
We Love Your Support And Please Tell Your Friends And Family About This Really Cool Mission And Be Apart Of Something That Could Change The World For The Better! How So? Well, Did You Know Palm Trees Have Health Benefits For Cleaning The Air? Yep! We Have Videos on Our Website Showing You How! Not Only That, But This Incredible Tree Represents A Laid Back Environment That Usually Goes Unnoticed, But Not Anymore! CAN YOU IMAGINE PALM TREES In Missouri, Ohio, Washington, New York, Illinois, Arkansas, Canada, Russia, Scotland, Or Minnesota? Well, Guess What? Every State I Just Mentioned, HAS PALM TREES GROWING OUTDOORS YEAR ROUND! Don't Believe Me? Come Along For This Journey Of Bringing Subtropical Plants And Palm Trees To Colder Climates For Beauty, Health Of Breathing, And Relaxation. We Can Do It! TOGETHER We Can Be The Change We Want To See IN The World! We Can't Bring You The Ocean, But we Can Bring A Tree... Plott Palm Trees!
If You Have Any Questions At All Please Email Me At
*For Each Donation Level You Reach, You Can Submit Multiple Rewards! Get A Great Value On Palm Trees And Help Extend Our Real Research, Scrupulous Studies, Live Experimentation, And True Tropical Story At PlottPalmTrees.Com...You Can See All Our Experiment Videos, Projects, Landscape Designs, And Stories Online At Our Website And Our Youtube Channels.
Kindly, Earth Man Eric Plott
PS: Of Course, As I Do My Frequent Updates All Supporters, Encouragers, Friends, And Family Will See A Movie Dedicated To You. So, YES! You Can See What We End Up Doing With Your Contributions, LIVE IN A VIDEO PRESENTATION!...Not One Penny Will Go To Waste, As We Will Work Hard To Make Our Dream Come To Life, Together! This Will Also Help Fund Spreading The Word About The Amazing Miracle Tree, Moringa - To Help Aid, Prevent, And Cure Cancer, Diabetes, And OVER 300 Different Diseases! We Can Do This Only With Your Help! Are You With Me? Lets Do It!
Much Love And God Bless,BIG TROPICAL HUGS!Your Friend, ~E.G.Plott~

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