Thursday, March 7, 2013

Did You Know That Judeo-Christians Were The FIRST To Meditate

 Yeshauh Brought It back after The Garden.  MEDITATION IS CHRISTIAN ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE. - BUDDHA WAS NOT THE FIRST THE MEDITATE- In Fact He Never Meditated In His Life...Yehsuah elyon Taught Men MANY Great Gifts And Prayer & Meditation Were A Few Of Them. So Buddhist Were In Fact Taught By The Messiah And We Have Been Under This Dogma, That Other "Spiritual" Religions Meditate To Evil Beings And Christians Are Suppose To Not Do That...THIS STUDY IS NOT ABOUT MEDITATION WITH A EMPTY MIND TO ALLOW EVIL godmas In, BUT INSTEAD TO ASK GUIDANCE FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT POWER AND FOCUS ON YAHWEH AND HIS SON. Check Out This Bible Study, There Are Great Health Benefits SPIRITUALLY, MENTALLY, AND PHYSICALLY If You Wish To Learn...We Have THE ANCIENT OLD GUIDELINES ON HOW THE SON OF MAN MEDITATED ON THE MOUNT FOR 40 DAYS AND NIGHTS- Well This Is How He Did It...It Was The Breathe of Life baby!

Dr.Earth Man Eric Plott...Come Along, I Promise You Will Be Better Off Than Before!


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Come Along For This New Spiritual Journey That Is The OLDEST Practice Of Meditation, Which Was Actually Created By Yeshuah Elyon Given As A Gift From Yahweh And Was Intended To Be Practiced By His Chosen People Israel = All SPIRITUAL BELIEVERS ARE ISREAL! DO YOU BELIEVE? YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONES BY WILL ALONE! Accept Yeshuah Into Your Heart As Your Life! Blessings To Your Future.

~Earth Man Eric Plott~

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