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HD The Real UPPER SOUTH MISSOURIAN Oasis Book & Landscape Story Show PL...

ALOHA! This Is A Slideshow Taken From My New Book! Where Is The Path?
-When The Grass Meets The Road~


Tropical Cure & Landscape In Columbia Missouri. PLOTTPALMTREES.COM
When The Grass
Meets The Road

Where Is The Path?
Often We Need To Ask God Where The Path Is...Do You Know Where You Are Going? Is It Too Dark? Do You Need Some Light?...Well, I Believe So! I Think That We Can All Follow Everybody Elses Path And Meet Up Only As Far As Flock. Could There Be Another Less Followed Path?...Why Not Ask The One Who Made The Path?...Where Is This Person?
Maybe, We Can Find That Person Instead...Then Perhaps We Can Get On The Right Path. SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY AND NOT A DESTINATION...
Got The Tropical Missouri Fever? We Got The Cure...More Palm Trees!

Meet One Of the Most Laid Back & Diverse Family's Ever.., The PLOTT FAMILY. This Christ Following Family Proclaim The Belief Of Yahweh Even Today, And They Minister Their Belief In Their Business; Psalms 92:12

4th Of July At Tropical Missouri 2013 -What A Ride It's Been! PlottPalmTrees.Com

Happy 4th of July. Any great plans?
I Know 4th Of July Has Been A Climatic Event For Me...When Seeing All Your Dreams
And Hard-work Connected To Actually Becoming Real, There Is No Greater Celebration Then Enjoying The Peace And Serenity That God Has Given Me Today. Particularly My Palm Trees In A Little Off The Eastbound "Coast" Of The Midwest, I Call It Tropical Missouri.No, It Is Not A Mirage

There Really Is No Greater Joy Then Having A Piece Of The Cake That No One Else Gets To Enjoy. What Do I Mean? ... Well, Palm Trees Are Not Usually Seen In Missouri Zone 6a. When We First Planted Our Crop Of Hardy Palm Trees And Other Exotics, My Family And I Was Shocked To See Them Overwinter Each Year. They Live Here And They Are Here To Stay! What A Blessing!
But Would Everyone Accept This New Tropical Breeze Coming Into The More Northern Pine, Elms, And Oak Type Tree Varieties?...I Don't Know Exactly, But I Do Know That If You Get To Close, You Might Fall In Love.

Having Palm Trees All Around My Yard Really Makes Me Feel Like I Am On A Vacation Every time I Go Out To Water Them. I Really Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way. I Mean, What Do I Need To Leave For? Do I Have To?...
NO! And I Believe That More People Can Enjoy This Truly Remarkable Phenomena Of Our Time. We Are Now Able To Grow Palm Trees And Many Other Assortments Of Tropical Plants.
Are You Up For The Journey? Cause I Am Inviting To Share This Experience With You Right Now!

Tropical Missouri's Tropical Fever!
Zone 6a (-10F ~ -5F)

Columbia Man Strives to Create Tropical-Looking Missouri
COLUMBIA - Eric Plott thinks Missouri's plant life can look similar to that of a tropical area. So he's testing his theory by raising tropical plants in his yard which he calls the Tropical Missouri Ranch and selling them in his mother's beauty salon.

His goal: to take the trees, indigenous to warmer climates, and train them to survive the harsh Missouri winters.

Plott began the experiment 3 years ago. He planted 10 seedlings and left them outside without any protection. Five survived the especially harsh winter. He's testing out an additional 70 this year.
"I have a lot of faith in these trees, in particular cold hardy ones. I know they will make it here," Plott said.
Horticulturalist Mary Kroening said Missouri gardeners are using more tropical plants in their gardens.
"Gardeners are becoming more open to planting things that are borderline hardy. People are pushing the edges a little bit and enjoy the warmer trend that we are in,"

Plott said it will take three to five years for the palm trees to become established enough to survive a Missouri winter without any protection. -Angie Bailey (News Reporter)

We Can't Bring You The Ocean, But We Can Bring A Tree...
A Plott Palm Tree!
Let Me Show You The 20 Titan Palm Trees That Me And My Dad Plotted In Under 24 Hours!...A Movie Is Coming Out Soon~E.G.P

We Do Sell This Titan Plott Palm Trees On Our Website At All Sizes And Variations. These Palm Trees Will Most Likely Be Protected For The Winter With Our Earth Man Outfitters & Special Plott
Protection Plans!

This Is The Largest Palm Tree At Tropical Missouri Ranch, Coming In at Nearly 18 Feet OVERALL HEIGHT! With About 15 Feet Clear Trunk! These Particular Palms GET OVER 40 FEET TALL!

We Started The First REAL Palm Tree & Other Exotic Plant Business In Missouri And It Was Palm Sunday, March 28, 2010. Since Then We Have Discovered Another Amazing Miracle...The Moringa Plant...Come See Next..

The Most Nutritional Tree Known To Man According To Science- Most Anti-Oxidant Rich As Well!

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