Saturday, May 3, 2014

WOW, YES, But I Will Say It Will Be Difficult With The Chemo- As That Is Usually The Killer- If You Could Watch My Movie Online Called "HEALING CANCER"…I Don't Know If He Is In The Position To Watch It, However The Chemo- Really Makes Any Sort Of Healing IMpossible, Not To Give You Bad advise or hope. But The Truth Is The BEST TRADITIONAL METHOD Is The MoringaSOP, I Say Traditional, Because Moringa And Soursop Have Been USed For THousands Of Years LONGER Than The 200 Years Of The MODERN Alternative Medicine, Which Shows About a 3% Success Rate. We Have A 100% So Far With Over 500 Cured Patients And 30 Plus Cancer Patients In All Stages. Soursop Is All Natural And The MORINGA Is A Defense To BUILD UP THE Immune System. I Of Course Would Suggest The FULL MoringaSOP Box, That Usually Kills Cancer And Reverses The Conditions In 8-16 Weeks With Prolonged Usage, Meaning EVERY DAY- This Is a ALL NATURAL Approach, So It Would Be The Very Thing To heal Your Father's Illness. The Extract Drops Have ALCOHOL- Those Are The Best Route However For Those Who Can't Keep Anything down, I Really Don't Know What I Can Do- We have The SOURSOP FRUIT FREEZE DRIED DRINK- Plus The Soursop Leaves And Bark That Would Need To Be Taken Regularly With The MORINGA EXTRACT DROPPS And The Moringa Complex Leave Blend- As A Tea Or CONSUMED STRAIGHT 5 TABLESPOONS IS THE GOAL- It Will Kill The Cancer- The Moringa Freeze Dried Is The Most Powerful. Getting Moringa OIL And Spread On The Body Can Actually BLOCK ALL RADIATION From A Cellular Level. The Moringa SEED- Actually Pulls Out Bacteria And Purifies Water And When Consumed, It Helps RAISE OUR ALKALINITY PH Which Is VERY IMPORTANT Right Now. Please Read My moringaSOP Page And Watch Healing Cancer Or MoringaSOP Video. I Am Working On A MOVIE To Show People Who Have Had Stage Four Cancer, Who Were Cured…This Will Come out Soon. I Hope This Info Helps And That He Is Open To The Traditional Route That Has Been Curing Nations Of 300 Plus Illnesses For Centuries NATURALLY. We Are Apart Of Nature Marcia And When We Separate ourselves From Nature, We Allow Cancer TO Grow And Breed…We Need To Put HEAVY AMOUNTS OF NATURE BACK INTO YOUR DAD…There Is no Moringa Nutritional Or Antioxidant Rich Plant In The WORLD Than The Moringa And Soursop literally Kills Cancer Cells As A T-Killer Cell- It ONLY ATTACKS THE CANCER CELLS AND NOT THE HEALTHY ONES- It Has A Chemo Reaction That Kills Cancer 10,000 Times Better Than Chemoradiation And IS COMPLETELY SAFE!!! On Record- I Also Have The Science Behind That With PUBMED AND MORE From Perdue University. MoringaSOP: HEALING CANCER MOVIE: Kindest, Eric G. Plott KEEPING You And Your Family And Father In My Prayers. Let me Know If You Have Any Further Questions. Shalom Sister. With Christ.

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