Thursday, April 2, 2015

∆ The Moringa Queen .Com New Site †

∆ The Moringa Queen .Com New Site †

I do art
I live art
I am art...when you realize that you have been created
By a divine creator, you can observe what your purpose is, in your fingerprint on life

It then is not fate left to chance, but rather it becomes a DESTINY THAT YOU DECIDE AND MAKE YOURSELF

meaning if you are successful or a winner, you already are, because you
know is losers and failures that know they are so, because they
simply gave up.

Success then is a journey and not a is the manifestation of your journey whether
prescribed as a book, poem, painting, visual photography, videography,
music piece, scribbles, or simple void.

With art it is the one
living essence that is not alive, but is living...and it truly is not
how big a ripple we create that determines good art, but rather the void
we leave behind..our fingerprints...just as God left his fingerprints
on this earth...

It is called humanity and nature...that is
true art. Ask the artist what the art is about and you can find a
defiant answer, even if the artist has no clue what the message or art is, and that is also an answer...therefore everything can be
contained into a box...where art is limitless and holds no boundaries...

What is the message that you see and that is what you receive from
art...the first original currency was had value that was worth
and measured by meaning and not solid Gold or precious stones or
metals.. it was imaginative bubbles captured at a specific timeless
moment in history...which we all collectively can instill within the
depths of our soul

Art is a reflection of the mind, body, soul/spirit/ a mirror that takes experience from life to look into.

You either can experience and embrace it or you can walk right past
it...which either way, that is art..because art just is...whether
respected or can find itself alone or gladly embraced and
talked about all around the world

Either way art cannot be compared, there is no one piece of art that is better than the next.

That is like judging a breathe of air as being more important than the
next...when all inhaling breathes of oxygen keep our heart pumping and

They all keep us alive together.

I guess I could
sum it up is a muscle like love is an emotion, but love is
also moreso an practice love, by starting with
yourself...then others...maybe one day you can love the entire
world....and I believe that is where you want to be at...LOVE THEN GO
You Are Gorgeous by The Way.


The World tells you Truth is not a defense...
And God tells us the truth will truth set us free.

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