Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Bilderberg Globalists" Pushing For Global ID Cards! PROPHECY!

This Preacher ISNT Following What Most Preachers And Priest Are Following- This PReacher Is Teaching The REVELATIONS BOOK OF THE BIBLE...Which While Most Preachers Want To Preach And Go Along As If Everything Is Fine And Dandy And NOthing Wrong...This Is Happening...It Is Official - MARCH 23 2013 - Dec 2017 THEY CAN AND WILL BY 2017 IMPLIMENT ALL AMERICAN - Westerner Citizens Who Wish To Exchange Currency, Pay Taxes, Live In America Or Come To America TO HAVE A RFID CHIP IN THEIR ARM FIRST...As A Part Of OBAMA CARE- Or Global Care- GLOBALISM.                                 

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