Saturday, February 16, 2013

Earth Man Eric Plott Decides To Attend Harvard University 2012 PLOTTPALM...

While many people spend their savings on summer vacationing on a Tropical Getaway, it is now possible to bring a taste of that paradise to the Missourian backyard. ~PlottPalmTrees o Com~

This Is A Little Walk In The Life Of Earth Man Eric Plott. From Begin To In between And FAR From The End; Join This Man Who Has Brought Over 100,000 People On This New Adventure Called "The Tropical Missouri Story".

Now, Things Start To Unwind, As He Won The 2011 Film Festival For The Idea Of Bringing Sub-Tropical Plants And Palm Trees Into The Midwest , When He Discovered That They Will Live Here. He Landed On The Channel 8 News As They Broke The Most Exotic News That Has Hit The Midwest Yet!
People Are Beginning To Support The Local Efforts Here In Columbia, Missouri And All Through The USA! You Will Start Seeing More Tropical Looking Plants Swaying In Through The Midwest, With Many Of The Efforts And Research That Is Being Conducted At PlottPalmTrees o Com,

Tropical Missouri Experiments Make All Of This Possible; Giving You Real Research, Live Experiments, Scrupulous Studies,
And A True Story Unveiled Before Your Very Eyes.

Eric Plott Is An Avid Member Of International Palm Tree Society, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Re-Power America, Fluoride Free Nation, And Now A Student Of Harvard University. With This New Venture Set Forth Before Him, The Thought Is A Bit Daunting And He Plans On Slowing Down With The Frequent Updates He Makes To The Public To Show The Show-Me-State One Palm Tree At A Time That They Are Here To Live In The Midwest And Anywhere Zone 6a Or Higher. It Is Time For Him To Get Serious With His Studies As He Decides To Attend Harvard.
Harvard University Is Among The MOST Prestigious Universities In The World And Considered The Best By Many.
Earth Man Knows That With God On His Side, He Can Do All Things...
"If You Can See The Invincible, God Can Do The Impossible."

Many Told Him What He Is Doing Was Impossible, But Now It Is The Second Year Of Success At Tropical Missouri Ranch; The Training Of Palm Trees Stays Persistent To The Incredible Phenomenon In The Midwest. Tropical Missouri Is Thriving And Growing Like Grass!

Thank You For Watching This Video And Remember
"We Can't Bring You The Ocean, But We Can Bring A Tree...Plott Palm Trees"


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